The Scotts

The Scott family consist of Warren and Jill and their daughter, Helen. Warren spent his early life at sea on merchant ships, and was always enamoured with the sea. He had a previous yacht, designed by Maurice Griffiths for him, called Pibroch on which he pottered about the East Coast. He first saw Swn Y Mor at the back of a yachting magazine and his first action was to draw a larger rig on her (she only had a small mainmast at the time). Then, in passing, he asked his then girlfriend, Jill, if she would consider living on a boat. In her youth and naivety, Jill said that she would, and before they knew what was happening, they were trekking across the mudflats in Northumbria to see Swn Y Mor. Next thing, they had bought her and moved onto her permanently (to raise money they had to sell their house and Warren's motorcycles). She was kept in Leeds Lock whilst Warren finished his PhD at the University of Leeds. The next year, their daughter, Helen, was born.

Due to various events, the Scotts ended up sailing away from the UK down to Spain, and then on across the Atlantic. Helen's first Atlantic crossing was when she was four years old. For the next nine years, the family cruised the world. They then returned to Europe and Helen started school.

Subsequently, the Scotts and Swn Y Mor returned to British waters, and they settled in the North West of England. The summers were spent travelling the Irish Sea, visiting the various traditional boat events in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the North West of England, and the Isle of Man. During this time, they also acquired another classic yacht, Biddy, from a friend of theirs. They sailed her for a few years, before realising that owning two wooden boats (and also a house!) was a little much, and she was subsequently sold. She is now based in France, owned by the Maritime Museum of La Rochelle. By the time Helen was halfway through her degree at the University of Glasgow, Warren and Jill were getting itchy feet again, and decided to leave the UK for warmer climes. After graduating with a Bachelors in Physics and Astronomy, Helen joined them in the Mediterranean, and crewed for her parents when they crossed the Atlantic again. The next couple of years were spent in the Caribbean and the East Coast of the US.

Europe was beginning to be missed, however, and they returned to the Mediterranean via the Azores, to finish in Corfu, where Warren and Jill had bought a villa that required some major surgery. Helen returned to Scotland to join the "rat-race" and Warren and Jill began what was to be a two year project of turning the rundown, neglected building and surrounding land into a beautiful place to live.

During the summer of 2008, Swn Y Mor was returned once again to the North West of England, to bask in the cooler weather. However, a longing to return to Britain could not be resisted, and in 2011 Warren and Jill found their home in Scotland, and Swn Y Mor settled into her new berth in Tarbert, Loch Fyne, on the Kintyre Peninsula.

Swn Y Mor's regular crew has expanded since then: Jon, Helen's partner, and Nell, Warren and Jill's Border Collie, are also onboard to lend a helping hand.


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